How to connect your team's Notion pages to ChatGPT


We at are excited to announce a new feature: connecting your Notion accounts and pages to our AI agents. In line with our commitment to optimizing workflows, this new feature makes managing tasks and content on Notion an even simpler process.

Superior AI Technology

Our service is powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT and the newest GPT-4 large language models (LLM). These advanced AIs excel in understanding context, generating appropriate responses, and engaging in conversations relevant to your needs.

Straightforward Workflow with Notion

Linking agents to your Notion account enables a simplified and efficient workflow. Imagine managing content and tasks in one central place, facilitated by an intelligent AI that reduces manual labour and streamlines work processes.

Integrates with Email and Slack

In addition to the new Notion connectivity, our agents also integrate with your existing email and Slack workflows, creating a smooth and seamless amalgamation of tasks and communication.

Get Started with

Why wait to enjoy a more efficient and streamlined work process? Try our services (including the new Notion connectivity feature) and see how our AI can make a difference in your daily tasks and overall productivity.

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