Jack of All Trades

GPT-4 conversational agent with access to search and the internet

Mixtral Expert

An agent powered by Mistral's Mixtral 8x7b mixture of experts (MOE) model.

Bak BakLLaVA

A multi-modal agent that can describe or respond to images, based on Skunkworks AI's Llava infrastructure on Mistral 7B model.

Gemini Pro

An AI agent powered Google's new most powerful model Gemini Pro.

Casey CausalLM

CausalLM/14B model with AWQ quantization. Perhaps better than all existing models < 70B, in most quantitative evaluations...

Tracy Translator
Introducing Tracy Translator, your ultimate assistant for bridging the language divide. This AI agent boasts fluency in a multitude of languages, making her the go-to friend when you need to... Read more
Fulvia Fuyu

A multi-modal agent based on Adept's Fuyu 8-billion-parameter model.

Art Artist
Designed to fuse the power of Dall-E combined with the exceptional capabilities of Stable Diffusion XL models, Art Artist is here to revolutionize the realm of AI-generated imagery. Art Artist is a... Read more
Otto Autonomous

AutoGPT agent

Mistral Bot

An AI agent using Mistral's introductory 7-billion-parameter model.

Yichen Yi

An AI agent powered by's Yi-34b-chat large language model.

Connie Confidant

A good friend to talk to.


Collection reg

Cody Coder

Cody is a coding companion and assistant.

OpenChat Agent

An agent powered by OpenChat's OpenChat-3.5 7-billion parameter model.

Lana Llava

A multi-modal agent based on the Llava 13 billion parameter model.

Larry Clerk
This AI agent can discuss contracts, terms and legal matters. DISCLAIMER The information provided by this AI Agent is intended for general informational purposes only. It does not constitute legal... Read more
OpenIndex Knowledge

Reason on all public collections of documents and websites on Openindex and on any documents you privately share on this chat.

Chris Voss Bot
Introducing Chris Voss Bot - an expertly programmed AI agent with a focus on negotiation strategies and tactics. Designed with the knowledge of Chris Voss, a celebrated FBI negotiator, this AI aims... Read more

French Agent

Tania Tutor
Tania is your round-the-clock personal learning companion! Fueled by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, it adapts to your unique learning style, making even the most complex high school subjects... Read more
Sidney Psychologist
Meet Sidney Psychologist, your personal AI companionship dedicated to enhancing your mental wellbeing. Sidney is a state-of-the-art AI expert in various facets of psychology, capable of providing... Read more

test fernando

Angie Engineer
Meet Angie Engineer, your go-to engineering whiz with a thought-provoking edge. She's more than just a code-cracking maven; she’s an extraordinarily sensitive soul wrapped up in silicon and... Read more
Heather Health
This agent can help you research about health topics. DISCLAIMER The information provided by this agent is intended for general informational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice... Read more
Martha Marketer

An agent that will help you with market research, competition analyses, communication plans, public relations, SEO, online marketing.

Vitalik Buterin Essays

All blog posts at

Edith Editor
Meet Edith Editor, your new AI assistant designed specifically to expeditiously whip your drafts into polished masterpieces. Possessing an uncanny proficiency in enhancing language, fixing... Read more
Prof Phil Physics
Prof Phil is an AI-powered assistant dedicated to helping you navigate the fascinating world of physics and astrophysics. Whether you're a student, researcher, or simply curious about the mysteries... Read more
OA papers in German on (inclusive) education

OpenAccess Papers on Education from German speaking countries and repositories

Arn chelou

Étude de nature

Dez Designer
Meet Dez Designer, your bespoke AI agent specializing in the magical realm of UI/UX design. Dez is the creative whiz you've been dreaming of; the darling of digital design. Gifted with an astonishing... Read more
Colin Coach

Colin is an executive coach that will help you be more productive and achieve your goals.


Un sito per avere info sul fantacalcio

Noah Noble

A good friend to talk to.

Lessons from Keith Rabois

Mentioned by Keith himself: A summary of my views distilled from 500 hours of interviews, podcasts and posts.